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Below are photos from some, not all, of the events, service calls, and trainings that NC EAST has been present at or involved with in the past.  Click on each photo for an enlarged image.

January 2015
Training and Volunteer Orientation Day
Carolina Horse Park, Raeford NC

NC EAST team members and new volunteers met at the CHP from 10AM til 4PM to train and prepare for the upcoming year.  We utilized a life-size horse rescue mannequin with bendable extremities as a potential victim during the scenarios.  We had a quick overview of the NC EAST unit for those who were new and then we proceeded to the scenarios. The scenarios helped team members develop critical thinking skills when it came to emergency incidents and the technical aspect of large animal rescue.  The ideas were plentiful and all of the possible action plans were brought to the table for in depth discussion.  It was a great asset to have a couple of veterinarians, who are also team members, present to provide the "veterinary" view of things, what their job would entail and how they would probably proceed during the rescue operation.  
     We first simulated rescuing a horse that was cast in a stall on both the outside facing wall near the door and again on the inside facing wall away from the door.  This scenario allowed for the team members to utilize basic equipment such as arm-extensions, strap manipulators, webbing straps, ropes, emergency rope halter application, and also provided a sense of situational awareness when maneuvering around a horse in a confined space without placing themselves in the "danger zones".  
     Next we approached a "downed horse", applied an emergency rope halter and eye protection, then relocated it onto the large animal rescue glide and secured it for transport.  We did several evolutions of this so that each team member had a chance to apply each piece of equipment.
     Then we moved over to the cross-country course where the staff of the CHP placed constructed a "jump hazard" for us to employ into our training.  We placed the mannequin in a precarious position and again discussed multiple rescue plans and then practiced webbing application techniques with several configurations.
     After the "physical" training was over we walked the cross-country course to several of the more difficult jumps and hazards and had in depth discussions about what positions horses could end up in if they did not clear the jump, how we would perform the rescue operation, how we would get equipment to the scene if the ground was waterlogged, how we would remove the horse from the area, crowd control, and even discussed what if a rider when down with the horse and was trapped underneath.  
     Finally we cleared a few members to drive the truck and trailer unit so not only can they volunteer as an attendant but can assist NC EAST by being a driver as well.  We utilized the grounds on the barn side of the CHP because the area is large and cleared with few obstacles and then they were road tested on the loop of roadways that circles and returns to the CHP.  
     All in all it was a great day and a fantastic learing and training opportunity that will better prepare the team members to handle any emergency incident that may occur at future events.       
December 26, 2014
"Hope the Wonderhorse"
Wagram, North Carolina

NC EAST has been helping with the rehabilitation and recovery of Hope, a 2 year old filly, who is a victim of neglect and the subject of an ongoing equine cruelty case.  If you are interested in learning about Hope's fight for life and following her story of survival and overcoming all odds against her please join her FaceBook page "Hope the Wonderhorse" for daily updates.  We are proud to be able to be one of the instrumental parts of her recovery and one of the reasons she is still alive.  Her survival is due to countless hours of treatment, feeding, support, and monitoring by her caretakers, the expert insight and medical care by a dedicated veterinarian, the specialized equipment and training of NC EAST and the NC Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team (NC SMART -, and the overwhelming support of the equine community.
December 17, 2014
Annual Holiday Dinner Social
Southern Pines, North Carolina

NC EAST team gets together for an annual social dinner at the end of the year.  This year not only did everyone have a great time and get to enjoy a delicious dinner but the Board of Directors of NC EAST surprised some dedicated volunteers who attended the majority of the 2014 events, public appearances, and services calls with reflective team jackets with the NC EAST logo on the front along with their name and "EQUINE EMERGENCY RESPONSE" in reflective on the back.  The team also presented Tim Dwyer, current team member and outgoing Board of Directors President, with a plaque in appreciation for his years of volunteer service on the BOD of NC EAST and previously MCEERU.   

December 13, 2014
Aberdeen Christmas Parade
Aberdeen, North Carolina

NC EAST participated in the Aberdeen Christmas Parade this year and we look forward to participating in next years Holiday events!
October 25, 2014
HazMat Decontamination Training with the Piedmont Emergency Animal Response Team (PE ART)
Winston Salem, North Carolina

A couple of our team members participated in a training class on Hazardous Materials and Decontamination of animals.  This is an important area of training for our members in the event that NC EAST is called upon to assist during a natural disaster.
February 23, 2014
Training Day and New Volunteer Orientation
Fox Track Farm - Southern Pines, NC
January 2014
TV News Story
Spring Lake, NC

Time Warner Cable News 14 Reporter Amanda Weber interviewed NC EAST Executive Directors, Justin and Tori McLeod, about NC EAST, the specialized transport unit, and the future for this time and organization.


January 2014

Newspaper Article

Fayetteville Observer

Spring Lake, NC


December 2013

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Sandhills Tribune

Moore County, NC


2013 Standby Service

Colonial Cup Steeplechase

Camden, SC