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How You Can Help...
     As one of only two equine emergency response units in the Moore County/Sandhills area and for the majority of the state of North Carolina, we will be concentrating on applying for grants and fundraising in the coming years in order to maintain the high standard of service and technical response we base our reputation on.  As an organization, in addition to providing services to the equine community and industry, this will be our main focus as well as public relations and marketing.
     We are hoping to be able to purchase new and updated specialized equipment and send volunteer members to training certification courses.  As many can attest, in just a short amount of time we have brought a valuable resource to the equine community, a resource that can respond to and handle emergency incidents that was not available before.  This resource can save a horses life!

     NC EAST is a 501c3 non-profit organization, however we must charge modest fees for our services to pay for expenses such as vehicle maintenance, equipment upkeep, fuel, insurance, taxes, etc.  All of the equipment for NC EAST has been purchased from our budget, with exception of a Kimzey Splint and some veterinary supplies that were donated.  Our budget does not afford our organization to purchase anything else at this time. 

     We are hoping to raise money for our unit so that we can be better prepared for equine emergencies with the latest in specialized equipment and highly trained personnel.

    If you would like to make a donation, sponsor while advertising your farm or business, or can help with the grant writing process please contact NC EAST directly....Any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated

NC EAST is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization and your contributions may be tax deductible. 

If you would like to make a donation to NC EAST you can do so by submtting a check or money order payable to "NC EAST", include "NC EAST Donation" in the memo field, and mail it to NC EAST  PO Box 903  Spring Lake, North Carolina 28390.  NC EAST will also accept credit card donations via PayPal using "DONATE" button below on this page and in the left column on the Homepage. 

All monetary donations will be utilized to purchase updated or maintain current equipment and provide additional training and educational opportunities for the team members. 
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!
Make a monetary donation in the amount listed and receive a "I Support My Equine 9-1-1" NC EAST Short or Long Sleeve T-Shirt or Baseball Cap. 
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If donating through the PayPal links you must indicate the name, physical and mailing addresses, phone number(s), and email address for the donor in the "Add Special Instructions to the Seller" drop down box on the screen. 

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NC EAST is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization and your contributions may be tax deductible.  Let us help you advertise your farm, facility or business!
If you would like to become a NC EAST Sponsor please contact us directly so we may discuss options with you or your company.  NC EAST is a reputable equine resource that is seen at many equine related events and happenings in and around "horse country", also known as Moore County in North Carolina, as well as across the state and east coast.  Let us be a source of advertisement for your business in the equine community and industry.  
All monetary sponsorships will be utilized to purchase updated or maintain current equipment and provide additional training and educational opportunities for the team members. 
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

Equipment Needs... Wish List

NC EAST is asking for donations, sponsorships, or fundraising efforts to make available for use the following equipment or to afford our volunteers the opportunity to attend specialized training courses.  By donating, sponsoring or otherwise assisting with fundraising efforts you will be making a difference in the lives of the equines we are called to assist.
Truck ($25,000 - $40,000)
NC EAST is in need of a new or used truck.  Preferably a 2010 model or newer Dodge 3500 that is a dual rear wheel, 4 wheel drive, 4 door crew cab (larger than an extended cab)….  The truck we currently operate is a 2001 Dodge Ram with well over 170,000 miles.  It is an extended cab which does not allow for needed passenger room for volunteers, beyond that of the driver and front seat passenger.  The specialized trailer unit is 14,000lbs GVWR and is taller and wider than standard trailers therefore having a heavy duty, 4 wheel drive, dually truck is essential to our daily operation. 
Life Size, Weighted, Fully Articulating Horse Rescue Mannequin
NC EAST is partnering with the North Carolina Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue Team (NC SMART - to obtain a Horse Rescue Mannequin.  The purchase of a mannequin will allow for more realistic training scenarios and practicums for the volunteers of NC EAST, as well as NC SMART, which will better prepare the response teams for actual emergency incidents.
Unlike human rescue and emergency response, which "victims" or "patients" can be found in abundance and are readily available, equine rescue training can be limited due to the lack of a sizable and cooperative "victim" and the inherent danger and risk of injury to equines and humans, during the training when using live animals as "victims".
As seen in the photo above, NC EAST members were able to train using a borrowed mannequin courtesy of TLAER, Inc. (  The team was able to position the mannequin in a manner which would have been impossible with a live horse yet was essential in order to develop critical thinking skills, utilize equipment, improve techniques to handle difficult scenarios, work as a cohesive team, and prepare the team members to respond to emergencies both on the farm and at equestrian events.  The photos below illustrate how much of an asset this mannequin would be for more realistic training purposes.   
It only takes a small effort from the equine community to help... For example, if each equine facility, organization or horse farm in the areas we serve would donate $50-$100 or more we could reach our goal and purchase this piece of valuable training equipment. 
Estimated cost of the rescue mannequin is in excess of $10,000 plus shipping from Europe where it is manufactured.  
Anderson Sling ($4300 - $5000)
Manufactured by CDA Products, Inc.:  For more information email or visit … NC EAST currently has an Anderson Sling that is an essential part of our equipment cache’.  The sling is still in operable condition, however some of the buckles are becoming worn and require additional securing as well as the letters and numbers that are used to apply the sling in synchronized order have faded and are difficult to read.  The newer upgraded version of the Anderson Sling is now powder coated in various corresponding colors to make synchronizing the application easier as well as the attachment points have been altered for a better fit on most average equines.  The acquisition of a new sling will benefit our team by allowing us to improve the methodical application of the sling on equines in need as well as permit us to maintain the existing sling as a spare or make it available to local veterinarians for critical hospitalized cases.    
Personnel Safety Gear

Safety Helmets ($75.00 - $115.00 each) – Manufactured by Tipperary:  For more information

visit   or   
Manufactured by Petzl:  For more information visit  NC EAST needs two of each size (Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large) for our volunteers preferably black in color.  Interacting with equines in general is dangerous and can be deadly but the risk of injury or death substantially increases when the equine is injured, ill, or in a. otherwise compromised state.  Safety helmets are mandatory for all volunteers who are working with or around equines as part of the team.    

Safety Vests ($135.00 - $165.00 each) – Manufactured by Intec:  For more information visit   or    Manufactured by Tipperary:  For more information visit … NC EAST needs two of each size (X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large), preferably black or a dark color, for the dedicated volunteers who risk injury assisting equines in need.  Our team prides themselves on a “safety first” mentality and we take necessary precautions at this time to monitor hazards and risks while in the performance of our duties.  In addition to monitoring all actions and reactions during service calls and transports, having a safety vest to wear and utilize would further lessen the extent of any potentially fatal injury.