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     Welcome to the website of the North Carolina Equine Assistance and Specialized Transport team.  If you still have questions after viewing the pages on our website please do not hesitate to contact us directly.                NC EAST was officially recognized as a 501c3 Non-Profit organization on January 1, 2014.  NC EAST is available for non-emergency and emergency service calls and specialized transports, event stand-bys, in addition to State of Emergency disaster deployment and assistance with small and large scale equine emergency incidents. 

     Thank you for your interest in our team and services and we hope that you find the answers to any of your questions herein and if not please contact us for additional information or further assistance.  

**Truck depicted is not the actual NC EAST towing vehicle and was used for photo purposes only**
     If you have an equine related emergency or non-emergency requiring transport of an equine either in a down position secured on our Rescue Glide or suspended non-weight bearing in our Anderson Sling or if just basic assistance or transport is needed without specialized equipment please contact our answering service (Emergency Only) or our listed contact numbers (Non-Emergency).  Once contacted, a member of NC EAST will speak to you, your veterinarian or designee to obtain additional information, provide an estimate of costs, and make arrangements to assist with the equine related request.

     NC EAST may require that a veterinarian be on location upon our arrival at the pick-up location and at the final destination depending on the equine's status or medical condition and the nature of the service being requested.
     NC EAST offers 24Hr Service and is staffed completely by volunteers.  Our volunteers are dedicated to NC EAST, however still manage full time careers, families, and farms of their own among other obligations and responsibilities.  Although we strive to be available around the clock every day of the year, there may be on rare occassions where we are unable to assist or standby due to our volunteers being unavailable or due to the NC EAST unit being scheduled for an event, transport, or requested appearance.  Do not let this deter you from contacting us as we have associate teams and resources we can contact to possibly assist you in our absence if needed.
     Please view our "Services and Fees" page for a listing of our other available services and associated fees.
Cash, Money Order, Check (with valid ID), and major Credit Cards Accepted
(888) 282-4602
Emergency 24 Hour Service
(910) 494-8210
(919) 201-6789
Non-Emergency Services